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All items > Translation Software > Windows Mobile Pocket PC Software Solutions for the Windows Mobile Platform

Software Suites for Windows Mobile
LingvoSoft Suites for Pocket PC are three-in-one creations, seamlessly combining your favorite LingvoSoft applications: Talking PhraseBook, Talking Dictionary, and FlashCards. The three applications are neatly joined together to bust the linguistic functionality of your Pocket PC.

Dictionaries Software for ­	Windows Mobile
On top of delivering full word databases, our Pocket PC Dictionary software applications grant access to advanced linguistic capabilities, such as text-to-speech and speech recognition technology. These products turn your handheld into an effective and reliable instrument of translation and foreign language studies.

FlashCards for Windows Mobile
FlashCards are the fastest way to learn foreign words, escaping the boredom of monotonous memorizing. With LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC you can study foreign languages as you play! We’ve combined the proven flashcards memorization methods, considered the natural human disposition to game playing and came out with exceptionally easy-to-navigate software, designed especially to take the pain out of your language learning!

Travel Guides for Windows Mobile
The future of modern communication begins with these first need words and phrases. Presented in 15 easy to search topic areas, PhraseBooks for Pocket PC provide everything you need to be able to navigate foreign language terrain. Featuring thousands of phrases, they help you with visiting the bank, shopping, sightseeing and much, much more. No longer waste time searching through clumsy paper phrasebooks - simply select the phrase you need and you’re on the way to instant, barrier-free communication.

Machine Translation Software
Save time with machine translation systems for Pocket PC. Use this Language Translation Software to translate paragraphs and even full documents. Promt applications will translate documents in sheer seconds, producing coherent and readable texts.

Graphic Dictionary software
The perfect solution to the problem of trying to communicate in a language you know nothing about Graphic Dictionary software for Pocket PC provides the simplest way to find and translate thousands of words. With a user-friendly interface and full-color pictures, all you have to do is find the picture for the word you need and the dictionary does the rest. Helping you to be understood instantly, they are the perfect companion for anyone no matter what age or skill level.

Language Teacher for Pocket
Language Teacher for Pocket PC offers everything you need to learn to speak a foreign language on your own. Providing you with the tools most necessary to get started, it gives you the confidence to succeed no matter what your age or skill level. With tests, pronunciation evaluation, advanced Speech Recognition and native-speaker voice output these utilities make learning any language enjoyable and effective.

Language Learning Software for Windows Mobile
This category of software for Pocket PC brings together Accent Removers, tutors and numerous other language learning software titles. These applications will prove to be of help in perfecting pronunciation. Work on memorizing words and spelling, enjoy the user-friendly language study aids: memorization games, progressive learning techniques and self tests we have created for you.

Voice Translators for Windows Mobile
Here, you’ll find our high-end speech interpreters for Pocket PC, featuring the remarkable Speech Recognition engine - the ingenious technology enabling your device to understand and translate the words pronounced by you. Install the software on your Pocket PC and you get a portable electronic voice interpreter, ready to roll at the touch of a button!

Travel Software for Windows Mobile
Our Pocket PC Travel Software section offers items that travelers find handy: speedy multilingual dictionary applications and phrasebooks software, designed to give you the freedom in expression yourself - abroad. Bring our traveler items along, and make your international travels completely pleasant and worry-free.

Localization for Pocket PC
Localization software lists Ectaco Language Support tools for Pocket PC localization, and collections of translation software for a multitude of languages - Linguistic Offices. The localization systems are developed to make communicating with your Pocket PC easy - input texts, run applications, and give commands to your Pocket PC in your native language.

Software Bundles for Windows Mobile
Our software is bundled up to give you a host of exceptional Pocket PC software titles in one pouch. Bundles are grouped by language and are economically appealing. Comprehensive and robust, these software collections will facilitate increased language efficiency and help you succeed in doing international business, visiting foreign states and learning new languages.

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