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Popular categories:

SpeechGuard TLX

SpeechGuard TLX: Rugged World Travel Smartphone, Voice Translator & Language Assistant.

Partner LUX 2

The first-ever Free Speech Electronic Translator - speak whatever you want, and be understood.


Android software

Partner 900 series

Our speaking translators with massive vocabulary and interactive learning system! Best choice for language learners!

C-Pen scanner

With the C-Pen you can scan and load printed text to your computer with no strings attached.

Deluxe series

Handheld voice activated translators with the handheld scanner!
Scan and translate any text you want!

Handheld electronic dictionary
Handheld Electronic Dictionaries and Translators are the modern answer to medieval paper dictionaries: fashionable, lightweight and portable language and communication solutions, they are fit for virtually any area of business. Here you will find over 140 titles for the unbelievable multitude of 48 languages, each offering a collection of awesome features, ready to back you in facing any language challenge. An electronic translator or electronic dictionary is a smart way to combat the uncomfortable linguistic uncertainties when traveling, studying languages, communicating with international business partners, and more. A number of our devices incorporate advanced Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition technologies and carry additional functions of business organizers. Our electronic dictionary models offer a wealth of resources, such as extensive bidirectional vocabularies (up to 1,000,000 entries), voice recognition and/or synthesis, phrase banks containing colloquial expressions and common phrases, grammar references, as well as many pleasant extras.

Translation Software
The translation software that you’ll find in this section is ready to serve you in over 48 languages. It provides a wide range of linguistic functionality to work under numerous circumstances. It will offer language instruction, be your study aids, offer full-text translation, deliver talking and non-talking dictionaries, provide localization, and all of it - running on the major platforms and OS including Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Smartphones.

eBook Readers
Our Line of eBook readers is probably the best choice for those who enjoy the pure reading experience without many extras. Our straightforward approach towards the design and functionality of the device has made it possible to keep the prices at an affordable level. Our readers are well built, light and capable of storing up to 32 GB of information and support most of the formats eBooks come in. The LCD display will keep your eyes rested. And, of course, each model has built-in dictionaries.


ECTACO iTRAVL NTL Deluxe series

ECTACO Partner 900 series translators

ECTACO Partner 900 series devices are our newest and most powerful translating machines featuring the most extensive vocabulary yet with human voicing, a Full Text Translation system with advanced voice output, an easy to use bilingual translating Picture Dictionary, a complete English explanatory dictionary and our latest speech recognition system. These smart new translators contain everything you need for superior translation and accurate communication and much more. Our jetBook e-book reader has also been included as an additional benefit. In addition, exclusive User Dictionaries allow you to store your own personalized lists of frequently used words and a history function remembers your most recent translations to provide instant access to the information you need most to understand and be understood. Deluxe versions come equipped with a handy scanning pen allowing you to grab any printed text from any surface and have it converted into the target language. Our latest Partner 900 Grand series also include the GPS receiver which clips on to the unit and records its own position, time, date, speed, heading and altitude so you never lose your way.
Special offer! Buy any Partner 900 series electronic translator and get a P900 Accessory Pack ( CAD99.95 value) free!

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL Deluxe series

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL Deluxe series

ECTACO iTRAVL DELUXE is the world first hands-free, eyes-free 2-way travel translator and your own personal Language Teacher. It makes every trip you take more enjoyable and more memorable and will have you speaking like a native within minutes. The most sophisticated talking travel translator ever built, iTRAVL DELUXE features the latest Speech Recognition that understands what you say to it and natural native-speaker voice output of all the phrases contained in its remarkable Audio PhraseBook. Including a robust, handheld scanner, iTRAVL is also able to grab and translate text no matter where you find it - from newspapers and magazines, to doctor's prescriptions, to menus and posters. A complete solution for the international traveller, iTRAVL DELUXE contains absolutely all the resources you depend when travelling in one single, sleek, hi-tech handheld. Always ready to provide you with the information you need most, it features a hi-res colour touch screen, sophisticated voice navigation and loads of travel resources like the CIA World Factbook. Indispensable extras include daily reminders, a talking calculator and metric conversions as well as a robust mp3 player for your favourite Audio Books and media files.
Special offer! Buy any multilingual or Deluxe iTRAVL NTL series communicator and get an iTRAVL Accessory Pack ( CAD99.95 value) free!



The remarkable new NTL series of devices from Ectaco are the most revolutionary handheld travel and translation tools ever invented. Offering users access to a unique collection of the most indispensable utilities around, they make communicating in a foreign language easier than it's ever been before and make any trip you take more enjoyable and more comfortable. Available in both multi- and bi-lingual versions they are able to translate between English and more than 40 other languages and back!

Featuring everything the international traveller needs to succeed, the unique combination of talking translating Dictionary, a talking PhraseBook that features authentic native-speaker voice narration of all its phrases, unsurpassed speech recognition for instant translation, hands-free navigation and travel resources that include destination information like maps, transport, hotel and restaurant recommendations.

The inclusion of the very special iHELP allows you to access the phrases you need quickly when seconds really matter. Add in a Language Teacher system that lets you take command of a foreign language in the time it takes to travel to your destination and you have one of the most comprehensive tools for international communication ever designed. With all these features as well as load of extras including an mp3 player to keep you entertained on your travels, conversion calculators and world time clocks, everything you can possibly need is contained within a single stylish compact and rugged handheld that will never let you down.

ECTACO jetBook

ECTACO jetBook® Mini

The jetBook mini is the most affordable, lightest, and versatile e book reader ever made. Tweaking energy consumption to its absolute minimum, the jetBook mini now runs on 4 AAA batteries (Energizer batteries included) and lasts up to 90 hours of continuous reading!

Special offer! Buy now and get a 1GB SD card with 1,000 books absolutely FREE!
jetBook mini Protective Case ( CAD12.95 value) is yours as a gift!

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C - Ultimate Travel Tool

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C - Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

The amazing ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C now allows travellers to communicate thoroughly in a multitude of languages without the assistance of a human translator. With its user-friendly and accurate 2-way translation system that provides instant translation between English and Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian Spanish and vice versa it is absolutely inexhaustible. The unique iTRAVL NTL-9C also boasts an extensive multilingual Travel Voice PhraseBook that translates and speaks tens of thousands of phrases using native-speaker voice narration and a 1,600,000 word audio-visual dictionary that includes general vocabulary, idioms, medical, technical, legal, and business terms, as well as slang and useful expressions - so there?s nothing you won't be able to say! Also included are additional travel resources like the renowned CIA World Factbook, and our very special Language Teacher - an audio-visual language learning system that has been incorporated into iTRAVL to let anyone learn to speak another language independently and effectively in the time it takes to travel to your destination!

ECTACO Partner EW900 Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

ECTACO Partner EW900 Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

This Windows CE powered handheld is the smartest multilingual device from the remarkable Partner series that provides unlimited translation and communication possibilities and combines the most extensive language databases for French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Capable of translating any text from English into any of these languages and back, this intelligent machine features True Voice human pronunciation of words and phrases. Our Language Teacher system with hands-free, eyes-free U-Learn? Car Tutor allows studying any language quickly and effectively. This multilingual EW900 model also supports the C-Pen/Ectaco handheld scanner which can be purchased separately if needed.

ECTACO Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

ECTACO Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

This Windows CE powered handheld is the smartest new device from the remarkable Partner series and provides unlimited translation and communication possibilities.

With a massive 697,000 entry English <-> Arabic Translating Dictionary, an easy to use bilingual translating Picture Dictionary, a complete English explanatory dictionary and Full Text Translation, the remarkable new EA900 contains everything you need for superior translation and accurate communication. Exclusive User Dictionaries allow you to store your own personalized lists of frequently used words and a history function remembers your most recent translations to provide instant access to the information you need to understand and be understood.
All Arabic-language dictionaries

ECTACO Partner ER900 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

ECTACO Partner ER900 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

The all-new ER900 is quickly becoming one of our top bestsellers of all time thanks to its unbeatable flexibility. With a large colour LCD screen that offers unlimited access to the exceptionally comprehensive resources it contains, the ER900 is as good-looking as it is intelligent. Containing a massive bilingual translating dictionary, an intuitive 39-language picture dictionary, unparalleled voice capabilities and the world's most advanced Speech Recognition modules, it offer communication and learning opportunities that are second to none. The inclusion of a voice enabled Audio PhraseBook that speaks its 14,000 entries aloud using real human voice pronunciation and a built-in Language Teacher system let you learn and communicate in English or Russian as soon as you switch the ER900 on for the first time. In addition, Audio and Video players and an eBook reader are included to make the ER900 absolutely unbeatable when you demand the very best.
All Russian-language dictionaries

iTRAVL NTL-2S English <-> Spanish Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

iTRAVL NTL-2S English <-> Spanish Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

ECTACO iTRAVL English <-> Spanish NTL-2S is absolutely unique in the world of handheld language and travel assistants and includes everything the business or leisure traveller needs to make visiting foreign destinations an enjoyable experience.

With the world's most sophisticated Speech Recognition, an unsurpassed Travel Voice PhraseBook that translates and speaks 14,000 phrases using native-speaker voice narration, instant access to emergency and frequently used phrases with iHELP, and indispensable travel resources that include the CIA World Factbook and Travel AudioBooks, it is the first choice of smart travellers everywhere. In addition to helping you around the world, the inclusion of an amazing Language Teacher system and Full-text Machine Translation with voice output helps you learn a foreign language no matter where you are - at home or away.

Hands-free voice navigation, a hi-res touch screen, the extended functionality and responsiveness of Windows CE, as well as an outstanding Mp3 player and enjoyable language learning games offer unsurpassed mobile communication, entertainment and learning opportunities!
All Spanish-language dictionaries

126-language ECTACO Partner XM500 talking translator

126-language ECTACO Partner XM500 talking translator

ECTACO Partner XM500 is a unique device which allows translation among any of the included 126 languages in the database be it Arabic to Farsi or Chinese to Dutch. The collection includes the most spread out languages in the words, as well as many others, for true lovers of linguistics. Besides the dictionaries, the device offers many extras, which will make your learning and communication more pleasant and efficient.
Brand new software for Android!

Brand new software for Android!

Ectaco Talking dictionaries, PhraseBooks and Language Learning apps for Android!
This is a whole new line of talking dictionary software apps for Android operated mobile devices. The new apps do not require any internet connection so you can start using the software right after you download and register the product. Each app is available as a part of Ectaco suite so you get more functionality for less value.

LingvoSoft Professional Suite 2015

LingvoSoft Professional Suite 2015

Combining a bi-directional translating dictionary with an extensive 400,000 word vocabulary Dictionary, a talking PhraseBook containing over 14,000 travel-oriented phrases divided into 15 of the most useful categories, our famous FlashCards language learning application to help you memorize new vocabulary and improve your spelling, and the most sophisticated full-text translator around to help translate emails, business letters, technical documentation, and WebPages - our recently released LingvoSoft Professional Suite 2015 covers every type of language use in one user-friendly and responsive package. Instantly turning your desktop or laptop PC into the most sophisticated personal language learning and communication assistant ever invented, it is truly one of a kind.

LingvoSoft Software Bundles

LingvoSoft Software Bundles

Unique collections that include all LingvoSoft software for different languages are finally here. LingvoSoft Platinum Software Packs consist of advanced applications for all the devices you have now or will have in the future. If you are studying a foreign language, a businessperson dealing with foreign partners, or a frequent traveller abroad, this comprehensive package will cover your needs in a most convenient and cost-effective way. These software bundles are compiled of bidirectional and multilingual dictionaries, speech-enabled translation applications, software for travellers, etc. All major operating systems are supported.
Trade in your old device! Save now on ECTACO dictionaries & translators!

Ectaco, Inc. is the world leader in the development and manufacture of electronic handheld dictionaries and language translation software. An electronic dictionary is our leading product, our passion and our expertise. Since the foundation of the company in 1990 we have been helping people communicate better in over 30 languages. We focus on designing modern high-quality multilingual tools for wide consumer audience.

Millions of people all over the world are using our electronic dictionaries - efficient tools for businesspeople and tourists, professional interpreters and students, a necessity for people residing abroad. We make advanced electronic translators enabling effective multilingual communication. In response to growing demands we expanded our worldwide presence and now have offices in 16 countries.

In case if you need assistance choosing the right product or have technical questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service and Technical Support respectively.

Our dealers' network is constantly growing. Over the years we have developed cooperation with a great number of enterprises. Would you like to partner with us? For more information, visit the Dealer Section on our site.

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