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jetBook Color in Russian Schools

Dec 15, 2011

You walk into a classroom, sit in the same wooden chair as so many others do on a daily basis and prepare to learn. But this time you don't have that 5 pound dumbell of a book to carry around, instead it's been replaced with the jetBook Color. This is the new 21st century classroom that we've dreamed of as children, and now it's being implemented in schools all across Russia. We've just received new photos from classes ranging between 6th to 10th grade and are extremely excited about the positive response from students. With a jetBook Color on every student's desk we will continue to offer a one of a kind product oriented towards education to help students succeed in and out of the classroom. Here are the amazing photos and a video below

jetBook Color in Russian Schools jetBook Color in Russian Schools jetBook Color in Russian Schools
jetBook Color in Russian Schools jetBook Color in Russian Schools jetBook Color in Russian Schools

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