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Ectaco Releases Free Universal Translator Software Apps for All Android Devices

Feb 6, 2013

Ectaco Inc., the world leader in language translation and learning technology, is proud to present a whole suite of free apps for Android which does not require an Internet connection and allows instant bi-directional translation between different languages. Both bilingual and multilingual versions of the Ectaco Universal Translator apps have been released and are currently available for free download from Google Play.

The free Universal Translator software includes the following features:

  • Bilingual dictionary
  • Bi-directional translation
  • Part-of-speech labels
  • Transcriptions
  • Instant search that gives suggestions as you type
  • Quick reverse translation for any entry
  • Change the translation direction simply by tapping a button
  • Quick access to adjacent words when viewing translations
  • History function to view and select words that have been translated
  • Integrated support for the Bluetooth C-Pen scanner for text input

Check out the full list of Ectaco UT apps currently available for free download:

39-language Universal Translator 39 LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Arabic Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Chinese Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Farsi Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> French Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> German Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Hebrew Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Italian Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Polish Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Portuguese Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Russian Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Spanish Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Tagalog Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD
English <-> Vietnamese Translator LiteFREE DOWNLOAD

For a limited time, you can also order the FULL versions of the Ectaco Universal Translator apps for only $4.95/$9.95! The full versions feature True Voice human pronunciation of all words included in the apps.

This price is available this week only for the apps listed below, which can be purchased directly from Google Play.

39-language Universal Translator 39Regular price: $9.95
English <-> Arabic TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Chinese TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Farsi TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> French TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> German TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Hebrew TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Italian TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Polish TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Portuguese TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Russian TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Spanish TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Tagalog TranslatorRegular price: $4.95
English <-> Vietnamese TranslatorRegular price: $4.95

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