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Ectaco, Inc. Debuts NEW SpeechGuard TLX - Bringing World Travel Technology to the Forefront

Jul 26, 2013

July 25, 2013. Long Island City, NY. Fast, Efficient, and Powerful: The SpeechGuard is the world's only professional voice translator, smartphone and travel assistant. A joint effort in development between Ectaco, Inc. and the US military yielded SpeechGuard, it has been molded into civilian friendly version, model TLX. The SpeechGuard benefits many businesses, professionals, and individuals throughout the world.

Representing a new generation of smartphones and travel technology, the Ectaco SpeechGuard is the most powerful & robust talking interpreter travel tool to simplify communication ever released. With its unique features, flexibility and great capacity for customization, the SpeechGuard is an indispensable gadget for anyone who encounters people with limited or no English speaking ability. Capable of receiving FREE incoming calls in over 160 countries without a contract and instantly translating voice and pictures in over 35 different languages, the SpeechGuard will replace virtually all existing electronics used by travelers including a smartphone, cell phone, laptop, radio and more.

Boasting a brilliant color LCD touchscreen in a sturdy, modern design, the SpeechGuard is Waterproof (IP67), Shock-Proof and Dust-Proof. An instant voice translator, picture translator, Language Teacher, travel guide, 2-way radio, 2 SIM card slots, navigation & positioning system are just a few of its features. An SOS button will get you instant help by sending a message with your GPS location to 5 emergency contacts. SOS will blink in Morse code on your integrated laser and flashlight. WI-FI, Bluetooth, and 3G Connectivity allow the device to access online resources, emails, SMS, and MMS. More importantly, you can use the SpeechGuard for up to 5 days without needing to recharge. The landing page for the SpeechGuard can be found here

For almost 24 years as developers and manufacturers of linguistic products, Ectaco, Inc. has benefited millions of people worldwide to overcome language barriers. Due to enhanced interest and efforts of law enforcement, military, medical, and other professional agencies around the country, many have turned to Ectaco's SpeechGuard as an effective communication tool.

"Feedback from travelers is an invaluable resource for development", states David Lubinitsky, CEO, Ectaco Inc. "The ability to allow stable communication between people of different backgrounds and cultures is extremely important in today's society. Benefiting everyone from tourists, teachers, and students, to our Police, Medical, and Military agencies, we make communication between any cultures a reality."

Contact Robert Arvelo at form or 718-728-6110 for further information.

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